I am a professional web and application developer who has over a decade of experience in a plethora of different technologies. Some of my personal projects can be found on GitHub.

What I Do

Web Development

As a full-stack web developer, I have experience in web design, frontend development as well as in backend development. My toolbox includes a variety of modern and legacy technologies enabling to me to create new web projects as well as maintain older ones.

Application Development

Since my first programming experience with C++ in the late 1990s, I have developed several applications for Windows, Linux and macOS. Not only do I have experience with C++, but I have also worked with a number of other languages and frameworks.


Actively Using

Frontend Backend DevOps Databases Web Platforms Applications
Vue.js Node.js Docker PostgreSQL WordPress C / C++
Vuetify TypeScript Jenkins MySQL / MariaDB Ghost GTK
React.js Express.js Atlassian Bamboo MongoDB Objective-C
Material UI Kraken.js GitLab SQLite Swift
jQuery Webpack Prometheus Microsoft SQL Server Electron
Sass Sequelize Grafana Redis
Less Mongoose Apache Mesos Google Firebase
JavaScript PHP Marathon
HTML 5 Symfony Google Cloud
CSS 3 Doctine Nginx
Bootstrap Perl

Previous Experience

Frontend Backend DevOps Web Platforms Applications
UIkit Java Apache Magento Visual C++
Foundation Spring Framework Visual Basic


I created my first website over 15 years ago. Those were the days of Windows 98, Mac OS 9, Netscape 4 and an Internet whose primary purpose was to display static pages of information.


When most people think of programming, what comes to mind is endless lines of convoluted code containing algorithms that produce a mathematically precise output. While that, of course, is a large part of programming, there is also a lesser-known creative side.


Passion fuels creativity. Web design is an art form that requires just as much passion as painting a gorgeous landscape or writing a thrilling novel. It starts with a blank white canvas that is transformed through code and love of design into a work of digital art.


More examples of my web and application projects can be found on Github:

Mac Development

As a Mac user since MacOS 9, I have always had a certain interest in software development for the Mac platform. As such, I have created a couple of open-source projects which help my productivity both as a developer and as a Mac user.